Babadook or Baroque? Round up of October’s Old Masters sales

In July, London sales were dominated by news of Sotheby’s spectacular results – £68.3 million was realised from a pre-sale £39 million estimate, with rec

Soho- The Director's Cut

For a small area, Soho wields an enormous and charismatic power, and this character has long been a source of inspiration for the British film industry.

Tech it Seriously

With direct art sales from websites at an all time high, its more important than ever for galleries to prioritise effective web presence.

Bringing home the Bacon

The remarkable story of Francis Bacon's game-changing painting Head III has come full circle at Sotheby's.

Into Africa

In 1913, astonished New Yorkers at the Armory Show were faced with an avant-garde art so fundamentally removed from the accepted view of what art was or could be, that the presence of then rarely-seen works from Africa would probably have been absorbed with the same sharp intake of breath.  The show displayed works

The Roll of Photographs

There has been a palpable sense that photography exhibitions in London have been (excuse the pun) on a roll in the latter part of 2012. As never before, a varied and distinctive engagement with photography as an art form is underway in the capital.

A handful of Old Masters save the day

 Raphael’s Head of a Young Apostle had pride of place at Sotheby’s December preview party two nights before it came up for auction in London.

From the Gavel to the Gallery: Russian Art in London

This week in London, Russian art has been centre stage: a week of activity in the auction rooms (Christie’s, Sotheby’s and MacDougall’s all had sales of Russian art, each

The Power of the Not So Very New

Phew! What a difference a week makes. After the pallid Impressionist and Modern sales at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in New York at the beginning of November, the art market roared back in the Post-War and Contemporary sector with the first-ever $1 billion series of auctions.

Not the weather, it was the art

Outside the New York salerooms everything was crazy. A snowstorm hit  Manhattan just a week after Superstorm Sandy, stock markets tumbled and a turbulent US presidential election finally went Barack Obama’s way.